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DOT Physicals


Dr. Tasky is the region’s #1 expert in the DOT medical exam. He was the Twin Ports area’s first Certified Medical Examiner – complying with the FMCSA standards that went into effect in spring of 2015. He has performed thousands of DOT exams, and he has taught the DOT Physical to hundreds of other doctors and nurses through Northwestern Health Sciences University.

We offer your DOT Medical Exam at the best price in town: only $100 per exam for self-pay and companies that we bill directly.   (If you have a third-party payer, they waste tons of our staff time trying to track down payment, so its $120).

The examination only takes 20 – 30 minutes and includes a laminated health card.

Commercial Drivers are required to have physical examinations at least every 2 years – more often in some instances – to make sure they are physically safe to operative the vehicle on the road.

Who does this include?

Anyone who holds a commercial drivers license or operates a commercial motor vehicle requires a DOT exam.  For a physical exam, a CMV is defined as having a gross vehicle rating of 10,001 lbs, capability of carrying 8 or more passengers (including driver) for compensation, capable of transporting more than 15 passengers (including driver) - not for compensation, or transporting hazardous materials with a hazardous materials plaque.

What does the exam include?

The exam includes vision, hearing, blood pressure, lab tests, and a physical examination. More importantly, it involves knowledge of the specific requirements and government regulations to keep healthy drivers on our roads & to get medically unsafe ones in to their doctor for further evaluation. The standards to drive a standard vehicle are different that those to driver a commercial vehicle.
Once all criteria are met, the driver will be issued a Medical Examiner's Certificate and given a copy of the long form.

Does insurance cover a DOT Physical?

No. This is considered an administrative exam – excluded as a covered service by health insurance companies. We try to keep our fee reasonable for drivers – only $100.  No, we won't try to bill your insurance company.  We can give you a statement, and you can try to get it reimbursed if you'd like. 

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