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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company get set-up to do drug testing with Task Force?

Complete the ‘Drug Testing Intake’ form & fax it to us at: 218-740-2778 or give us a call for a brief chat to determine your needs. From there, we’ll contact you to discuss your specific needs & get your lab accounts established. Call with questions: 218-740-0168.

How do I order a test, exam, or service?

If you already have an established account with us, just call to set up an appointment.  If not, complete the Service Request Form and send it with your employee or call ahead: 218-740-0168.

Are appointments needed?

Yes.  Call ahead.  We can generally get people in quickly, but a set time makes it easiest to meet your needs. 

Can Task Force do drug tests for individuals?

Yes, we can. Call with specific questions: 218-740-0168

What drugs are tested for?

There are a number of options. The most common test is a 5-panel which tests for Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, THC (marijuana) and Amphetamines.

Isn't marijuana legal in Minnesota as of 8-1-2023?

Yes and no.  Alcohol is legal, too, but employers can still test for it.  Anyone in a safety sensitive position is still subject to any marijuana prohibitions set by their employer.  Anyone under 21 cannot use recreational marijuana.  Anyone in a federally regulated position (like commercial drivers, airline workers, railroad workers, and pipeline workers) cannot use recreational marijuana (nor medical marijuana).  Beware of other products that may contain THC.

What if an employee refuses a drug or alcohol test?

Refusing an authorized drug test is a "Refusal to Test." This has serious consequences – including possible termination. Removal from duty is required in a DOT regulated situation with referral to a Substance Abuse Professional at the employees cost. The employee cannot resume work for ANY regulated job until completing the program. In non-regulated industries, consequences are determined by the company’s drug policy.

What security measures are in place to make sure no-one tampers with my employee’s sample?

There are security measures at all stops & all are documented. The collection site is secure & donors must leave personal belongings outside the bathroom. Supplies are sealed. The sample is split & multiple sealed. Transportation is secure. The lab is secure, and the donor’s ID is blind from the lab. All communications are confidential & secure.

What happens if a donor is caught trying to cheat the donation?

In DOT regulated cases, the donor will have to supply another sample under observed conditions. The observer is always of the same gender as the donor. Refusal to do so carries the same consequences as a positive test.  In non-DOT cases, the employer will be contacted & the drug-testing policy of the company will determine the next step.

What if I have a medical use for marijuana – will that be acceptable in a DOT situation?

NO. The Federal government considers marijuana to be illegal. If you are federally regulated, your "medical use" will not matter. You will still be positive & will be removed from duty, referred to a substance abuse program, & possibly terminated.

What if someone near me was smoking marijuana – could I test positive from second-hand smoke?

No. There are minimal levels required before it is positive. Second-hand smoke will not generally provide an adequate dose to test positive.

Will my medication cause me to fail the test?

All non-negatives are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. This doctor will call you & ask about your medications. If you have a legitimate prescription that is causing the non-negative, it will be ruled negative.  Be aware there is no medical marijuana in federal law.

Can I be selected for a random test more than once per year?

Yes. Random means every employee in the selection pool has an equal chance of being selected every time.

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