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Training modules



The DOT Medical Exam for Healthcare Providers

Dr. Tasky offers an 8-hour course to train doctors and nurses from around the country on the details of performing DOT medical exams.   Completion allow providers to sit for the NRCME exam to perform DOT medical exams. 

If your organization would like to have Dr. Tasky present a private course, please call: 218-740-0168.

NWHSU also hosts an online version here: 

Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors

The DOT requires supervisors to have periodic, 2-hour training on the intersections of industry, safety, and substance abuse. 

Do your company supervisors know exactly what to do in the situations that may arise?  Do they know what signs to look for?

Call us to set up a training day!


Drug Test Collector Training

If your company would like to have an internal employee who can do drug tests in remote locations, we have the training for you.  

This one-on-one experience will walk you though the details of every possible drug testing situation, practice 5 mock scenarios, and become certified to do drug test collections.  2 hours needed.

Call us for a chat:


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